Effective Tips on Solar Water Heating System Maintenance and Care

By QA Plumbing Pty Ltd on Fri, February 17, 2017

A good care coupled with a regular maintenance should be ranked on your priority list if you want your solar water heating system to survive in the long run. The conventional water heaters comprise different parts that require servicing from time to time. And, the solar hot water system is no exception. However, the solar water heating system comprises more components. Valves, pumps, pipes, wiring, seals, etc. are some of the parts of a solar water heating system that need to be checked frequently. We have listed some maintenance guidelines of a solar hot water heating system. Check them out to know more –

Begin with checking the storage tank and the inside components:
Some solar hot water heating systems comprise insulated storage tanks at the same place where a conventional water heater would easily sit. Cold water generally comes in from the water-main. And through a system of pipes, pumps, and valves, the water makes its way to the solar collector and back to the storage tank.

Either way, there are many pipes, valves, controls and pumps that need to be inspected regularly to ensure they are smoothly working. Though it's unnecessary to inspect them every month, but a maintenance check at a short interval is mandatory. The fitting needs to be tight, pumps should automatically operate, valves should not be sticking and there must be no cracks, damage or leakage of any sort on the storage tank. Any repair or maintenance should be done with a proper attention. Whether you do it yourself or with help of the professional plumbers in Mandurah, to delay it could cause water leakage, insufficient hot water production, or even worse.

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Maintain the solar collector:
As solar hot water heaters count on a solar collector for enabling the energy to heat water, it’s needed to be exposed continually to the elements. The box in which the tubes or flat plate absorber is located must not have any leaks, cracks or corrosion. The plastic or glass covering should not be misaligned, cracked or faded from the sun. Additionally, the holes that were made in the roof must have their seals checked, so that rainwater does not leak into the house.
You can allocate the responsibility of taking care of your solar hot water heating system to the professional solar hot water maintenance service providers in Mandurah. Well, if the issue is with a roof seal or any problem that has nothing to do with the solar collection, it won’t need any specialized skills to fix it.

Narrow down the right plumbers:
There are choices galore when it comes to finding a reputable and reliable plumbing company in Mandurah. With a number of companies claiming to fame, QA Plumbing has stood out undoubtedly. From offering quality plumbing solutions to meeting the maintenance needs at affordable prices, QA Plumbing has everything to become your one-stop destination.

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